Top tricks for making your waves stay for days

Having trouble holding your waves? We got pro tips that’ll keep your waves waved for days. And it won’t involve you drowning in hair spray.

  1.  Use a quality tool

A quality tool is king for having waves and curls that stay all night long. A hot tool that uses ceramic coating offers an even heat distribution across strands, produces negative ions that seal and smooth the hair cuticle, and is less damaging to the hair. You will also want to look out for a tool that offers different heat settings so you can choose the optimum heat for your hair type.


  1. Use a properly heated tool

It is good to note that turning your hot tool up too high can actually cause your curl or wave to drop! This is because applying too much heat to the hair can cause the cuticle to slam shut and flatten so much that it won’t hold a bend. Using a lower temperature on a high-grade ceramic tool will create longer-lasting curls or waves.


  1. Use a styling spray

We don’t call it Prep. Wave. Made. for no reason! It’s no secret that prepping your hair is essential for not only styling your hair, but also protecting it from any unnecessary damage. Choosing a heat-protectant that doubles as a styling spray will hands down be the best choice you make for your hair. Our Mermade Mist is the first ever spray that is designed to hold and contour Mermade waves. The spray will give it enough grit to hold the waves while making it super silky and shiny, and also protecting it from heat.


  1. Section your hair

If you don’t yet section your hair when styling it, you’re about to start! Sectioning your hair won’t only allow you to be more precise with the waves/curls, but will also add more volume to your hair.


  1. Don’t touch

We know how tempting it is to want to run your fingers through your hair once you’ve finishing the curling/waving process. But letting them drop naturally once cooled will lead to a much nicer wave that will last longer. Plus, we all know that greasy hands lead to greasy strands. So, avoid touching your hair throughout the day/night to avoid drop-outs.