Huge Flex

Hair types aren’t as simple as long or short, thin or thick, straight or curly. There are so many in-betweens, and according to Cosmopolitan, there are 12 distinct hair types! Twelve!

We all know different hair types need different shampoos and conditioners, wash routines, comb styles, whispering sweet nothings to activate growth… (fussy little f**kers), but did you know that different hair types require different hair tools?

Plot twist: we did ;) And that’s why we have engineered all our hot tools to reflect the magnitude of hair types and their subtypes.


This includes (but not limited to) the Mermade Straightener and its flexi-floating plate technology. These 28mm floating plates feature springs that adjusts pressure, so both sides are able to move and flex enough to get as close to each other as possible, which means you are able to clamp the hair more effectively and accurately.

Flat iron floating plate technology results in more even heat distribution, faster straightening time, less damage to hair and minimal frizz. Plus, we haven’t even begun to school you on the importance of rounded edges to prevent tugging, snagging, ripping and pulling. Trust us, it’s important. You’ll also be able to twist, curl and wave hair with ease.



Upgrade your straightener to floating plate technology ASAP. Your hair will thank you for it.