PSA: It’s Time to Clean Your Hair Straightener

Just like your hairbrush, hair straighteners get built up oil, dirt and product residue, so cleaning them is pretty important not only for their longevity, but also for your hair's health. 

Why You Should Clean Your Straightener

If you're someone who uses product every time you style your hair, the product will easily transfer onto your straightener, coating its surface with grease and grime. The bacteria that builds up (yes, bacteria!) on your strands from the in-between wash days transfers onto the hot plates, thus corroding your hot tool and tainting your hair with every glide.

Neglecting to clean your flat iron can result in dragging and pulling which breaks strands, causes split ends and leaves hair frizzy – the exact opposite of the look you want. Ergo, the cleaner your straightener, the better your styling will be.

How to Clean Your Straightener

Cleaning your hot tool is actually pretty easy! Here’s what you need:

  1. Your flat iron (obvs)
  2. Organic cotton wool ball
  3. Nail varnish remover or alcohol wipe

Always make sure your tool is off, unplugged and cool before cleaning. Dampen the cotton wool with the nail varnish remover (make sure it’s not drenched or dripping) and wipe down the plates and body. If you're using an alcohol wipe, again just wipe down the plates and body. Allow to dry at least for a couple of hours before heating it up and using again. Remember hot tools and water do not mix well!

How Often Should You Clean Your Straightener

In an ideal world, you would want to clean your hair straightener after every use, but we know how easily life gets in the way. As a rule of thumb, we recommend cleaning your straightener at least once a month to keep your tool as good as new and to stop any damage to your locks.

Store your hot tools in a clean, dry, safe place to avoid any external damage or moisture.

Adelle Cousins