Why this old school hair technique is making a comeback

Can we talk about the ultimate throwback that's making a serious comeback? Velcro rollers and big bouncy blowouts, yep, you heard it right! Those old-school gems your mum used to rock are back in action, and let me spill the tea on why they're suddenly stealing the spotlight.

Nostalgia, Anyone?....

Velcro rollers are like the OG glam squad, and the nostalgia is real. All the It Girls are channeling their inner Rachel Green and it has become a whole mood - the bigger, the better!

What they didn't have in the 90’s tho…. is amazing Mermade technology that lets you achieve those Rachel vibes within no time! With the USB-C rollers, Blow Dry Brush and Velcro Rollers.

The modern girl’s

Say goodbye to wrestling with clips, pins and brushes. Our USB-C Roller Duo is cordless, and charges via USB cord in just two minutes. They’re basically the lazy girl's guide to bombshell hair. SImply plug in to warm up, pop 'em in secure with the silicon loop, do your thing, and voilà – instant volume and waves without the struggle. Who has time for a complicated hair routine, anyway?

The old school style

For those wanting that proper 90’s vibes of big and bouncy hair. Add in the blow dry brush and and an old school Velcro Roller Kit to your hair routine, it is your perfect tool to achieve more volume all the way up to the roots.The speciality designed 60mm oval brush shape and flexible bristles help to smooth and create that juicy bounce in the hair, without the frizz and damage. Giving that salon style blowout at home! To create even more shape and bounce, follow the blow dry brush with velcro rollers to allow hair to cool and set in place.

Why set curls with Velcro Rollers?

Are your curls not coming out the right way like everyone else’s on TikTok? The secret is setting the curl with Velcro Rollers, and putting them in when hair is still hot. We recommend drying one section at a time with the Blow Dry Brush or Hairdryer and rolling each section up with a Velcro Roller before moving onto the next section.

This it why it makes a difference:

  • More definition: Applying Velcro Rollers to hot hair gives the curl more time to form while the hair cools slowly, resulting in curlier curls!
  • Better hold: Heat helps to open the hair cuticle to make the hair more malleable and receptive to shaping, so the curl will last longer.
  • Set style: As the hair cools, curls set in place in the shape of the rollers, to maintain the curl once rollers are removed.
  • Less frizz: Using a blow dry brush to dry and brush hair first creates a smooth base for applying rollers.
  • Versatile curls: You can create a variety of styles, from loose waves to tight curls depending on the size and type of rollers used to set and shape the hair.

Let's be real, adulting is hard, and time is a precious commodity. The Blow Dry brush and USB C roller are time-saving magic wands. Whether you're prepping for a hot date or just want to slay your Zoom meeting, these rollers are your secret weapon for a quick 90’s glam-up.