Stuck in an entanglement?

Been taming your mane and realising you’re getting breakage after breakage? It’s okay boo, we got you. 

With the right products, a little bit of patience and these top tips, we’ll help you detangle that hair with less damage.

1. Started from the bottom now we’re here
The BIGGEST (emphasis on the BIG) mistake we make is starting from the roots and brush down. When you brush this way, you’re just moving the knots down and down until they get bigger and bigger. Instead, start at the bottom and work your way up.

2. Detangling spray is your new best friend
The right detangling spray can reduce breakage, reduce frizz, offer heat protection, and improve overall hair health. It can work with wet and dry hair so your brush glides through effortlessly.

ELEVEN Detangle My Hair

3. Find a tool that’s right for you
Throw away your tail combs and your small-tooth combs – they ain’t doing it for your hair. The best type of brush to use is a paddle brush, or a wide tooth comb. Designed with the sole purpose of removing knots from the hair, these types of brushes are much more gentle, quick and easy.

Tangle Teezer

4. Section your hair, not your life
The length and thickness of your hair is strongly correlated with your patience here, because it is definitely recommended to work on smaller sections at a time. Our new sectioning clips are great for this.

Sectioning Clips

5. Get your beauty sleep
You know those girls who just “woke up like this” and their hair is actually hair and not a bird’s nest? Their secret is a silk hair wrap! Silk hair wraps keep your hair protected through all the tosses and turns and pillow flipping throughout the night. It’s the support hug your hair didn’t even know it needed.

SILKE London Hair Wrap