How to Wake Up with Effortless Curls

Hey dreamers! If the thought of waking up with gorgeous, effortlessly tousled curls has you excited, you're in for a treat. Achieving that perfect "I woke up like this" look doesn't have to involve hours in front of the mirror. Let's dive into the ultimate guide on how to wake up with those enviable curls effortlessly.

Mermade’s Heatless curl kit is perfect for this! Made with Mulberry Silk to keep the hair smooth, shiny and frizz free. With a lightweight design so soft you can sleep through the night.

1. The Prep Game

Start with slightly damp hair – not soaking wet. This sets the foundation for bouncy curls without the hassle of morning styling.

2. Twist and Secure

Divide your hair into two manageable sections. Place silk rod on top of head and secure with claw clip.

Then start twisting each section away from your face around the silk rod. Secure the twists with scrunchies and remove claw clip. The goal is to create defined curls without causing tension on your locks.

3. Beauty Sleep Magic

Now, let your hair work its magic while you catch those Zs. The twists will set naturally overnight, transforming into loose, effortless curls by morning

4. Unveil the Curls

Gently unravel the twists in the morning by removing the scrunchies and slowly pulling out the silk rod. Avoid using a brush; instead, run your fingers through your hair to separate and define the curls. For added volume, flip your head upside down and shake out your curls.

5. Seal the Look

If needed, a spritz of light-hold through some Mermade Mist to help the curls shine and give that finishing touch of effortless glam.


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And there you have it – the secret to waking up with the curls of your dreams without the morning fuss. This simple overnight routine ensures you'll rise and shine with beautiful, natural curls that turn heads. Say goodbye to the styling stress and hello to effortlessly chic hair every morning!

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