Banish flyaways with this multitasking wax stick

If you suffer from flyaways… or breakage (if we’re being honest) like me, the Mermade Hair Styling Wax stick will be your best friend.

I always find that I spend so long on my hairstyles only to have random strands just sticking out here and there. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution, and that is the Wax Stick.Wax stick

Here’s why I love it (and you will too!)

  • Smooths down frizz and flyaways for a polished look
  • Extra strong hold that will last all day, and night
  • Lightweight formula adds texture & shine without looking greasy
  • Fits in your pocket or handbag, perfect for flawless hair on the go

Here are some different ways you can use the wax stick to style your hair:

1: Slick Back Looks

Of course, the most common way to use your wax stick is for those slick-back looks.
Simply put your hair in a high ponytail and apply the wax directly onto your hair to tame those flyaways. If your hair is already smooth and free of bumps then the wax stick can be your final step. But, if you find your hair needs some extra help, I like to apply the wax stick, and then go in with the styling brush to really smooth down the hair and keep it free from bumps. This will help you create the slickest and smoothest pony ever.Wax stick

2: Tame flyaways (breakage) when hair is down

Okay so you’ve finished straightening, curling, waving or styling your hair in any hair-down hairstyle. But… you have unruly flyaways (or breakage) on your scalp. Simply take your wax stick and lightly apply to your hair parting to slick down those strands.
OR… take your wax stick and apply to your finger-tips to warm it up and use your fingers to press down any flyaways.Wax Stick

3: Spikey Hairstyles

Okay this is a bit of a different one, but with the comeback of Y2K hairstyles, spikey buns and spikey strands are quite popular at the moment. If you find that when you create a messy bun, you have strands hanging out that look too “fluffy” or unruly, the wax stick can help to shape those pieces better. Simply apply the wax stick to your fingers to warm up the product, then slick any unruly pieces together. This is especially handy for creating super spikey buns! Dixie D’Amelio
(Image credit: Dixie D’Amelio)

4: Baby plaits

Continuing on with the Y2K hairstyle trends, baby plaits are also super popular right now. They make any hairstyle look that little bit trendier and also make it look like you put a lot of effort into your hair. BUT… what I don’t like about them is the chunky hair tie or elastic at the end of the plait. Sometimes you can make it work if you add a bow or something similar, but if it’s a really skinny plait… then most options looking chunky.

That’s where the wax stick comes in handy. After plaiting your hair, you can use the was stick to seal off the end of the plait so that you don’t have to use a hair tie. Simply apply directly to the braid and smooth down with your fingers - Keep in mind, this will only work will baby plaits- not bigger chunks of hair.

Then you will be left with plaits that hold without needing a hair tie and are super neat!Millane
(Image credit: Instagram @millane)

Watch our tutorial:

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