How to Mermade

Learn how to use our signature Mermade Hair Waver 

It is super easy to get Mermade Waves! There is no need for
winding, rolling, twisting or pulling the hair! Simply, clamp & release. It is the easiest way to transform your hair to lush long waves. 

Waver 32mm

Create big, shiny, bouncy, epic waves in seconds with the Original Mermade Hair 32mm Waver. This must-have hair tool creates beachy, boho or glam waves in seconds, making it super easy for anyone to do. It's the game-changer for hair - any length or texture.

How to get
Mermaid Waves

Section & clip the hair into four parts.
Starting from the back 1 inch off the scalp, take small sections for a more defined Kardashian wave or larger sections for your beachy undone wave. Comb the hair and clamp the hair, hold for 5-10 seconds releasing and following the same method through to the ends repeating throughout the whole head.

Jade K X Jessy Murphy

Australia's leading MUA & stylist Jade K takes us through a MERMADE styling tutorial with babe Jessy Murphy. Love the look? Shop the product below.

Mermade Waver 32mm vs Mermade Mini 25mm

Did you know our Original Mermade has a little sister? Its called Mermade Mini and it's made up of 3 x 25mm barrels and 50% lighter than the 32mm Mermade. Its perfect for a tighter 90s vibe wave. Check out this real review & tutorial.